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Jon Cope



    Jon Cope
      With his impressive range of skills and a notable diverse education, Jon Cope brings a new perspective to the motion picture world. He is a SAG actor with numerous degrees under his belt, journeyman cards and several companies in his name. He is also an experienced teacher, rancher, broker, oceanographer and vietnam era veteran.

    Robin Oliver

      Robin Oliver is a proud First Assistant Director DGA Member. He played an essential part as Co-Producer in the pre-production and production phases in the making of Uh Oh!, as well as an advisor gratis in the movie's post production stage. Robin is respected as a uniquely knowledgeable, genuine, and positive thinking member of this industry. His talents will be an asset to whoever is lucky enough to employ his skills.

    Donna Fewell

      Unit Production Manager
      As the Unit Production Manager, Donna Fewell was key to the success of this production. She not only assisted with the selection and appointment of crew members but with obtaining permits, locations, and adhereing to SAG guidelines, taking care of payroll and setting up our fantastic claymation team. Without her and her husband Robin, this project Uh Oh! might not have never made it to fruition.

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